Maty’s Story

How a Mom's Love Healed Her Baby

Maty’s Story

“It’s a Girl!”

These three precious words, music to my ears after having two rambunctious sons, were quickly followed by heartbreak as the nurse followed with “Something’s not right with her.” My healthy, 10lb daughter Maty was diagnosed with multiple heart defects. They were considered part of a syndrome similar to Tetralogy of Fallot. As part of the syndrome, she was also born without a spleen, her stomach was on the opposite side of her body, and her liver was midline. The doctors told me she had a compromised immune system and that I was going to have to “spoil her,” not let her cry. She had three heart surgeries, two of them open heart before she was 5 years old.

After her last surgery, she developed alopecia (she was losing her hair) and severe plaque psoriasis all over her body (her skin was red, scaly and inflamed). After all she had been through, to see her suffer more was heartbreaking. We took her to so many doctors, but there was no treatment appropriate for a child her age.

A Natural Discovery

Desperate, I began to seek out solutions on my own. I turned to a naturopathic doctor who was able to dramatically improve her conditions. Holistic health soon became my passion. I knew I had to get her healthy and strengthen her immune system, so I began reading and researching anything I could find about natural ways of healing. After I put the kids to bed, I would stay up late into the night to do my research. I attended workshops and classes on natural healing techniques. I began to understand how emotions affect our health and energy healing. I learned muscle testing. I even got certified as a holistic health practitioner.

Combined Approach to Healing

As I studied, I came across various natural remedies and decided to try my hand at it, giving my concoctions to family and friends. The beauty was that my remedies really worked! They were not only powerful, they were simple and could do no harm. I trained with Dr. Dehaan at Health Care Ministry International (HCMI) and mastered the technique. Muscle testing helps me formulate better products because I can test various ingredients to see which ones synergistically work together to give you the best results.

Spreading the Good Health

After seeing what these new remedies did for my family and friends, I thought it would be wonderful if others could benefit from them too. The first remedy I made for my family was a super immune booster that could be taken at the first sign of a cold or flu. Today, it’s marketed as Maty’s All Natural Cough Syrup with 10 powerful immune boosting ingredients.

Layer-104Encouraging Others

I think we are all tired of the TV commercials for medications that list all those harmful side effects. Our 100% natural remedies are made with whole-food ingredients that are safe and effective, so you don’t have to worry about harmful side effects or drug interactions. My mission now? It’s simple. I want to give other families all natural, healthy alternatives to traditional medications.

In truth, love and healing,