All Natural Baby Chest Rub

All Natural Baby Chest Rub


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Worry Free Relief For Your Baby

Our All Natural Baby Chest Rub provides safe, effective relief that helps quiet your baby’s cough and relieve congestion while strengthening their little immune systems. Since it is petroleum free and menthol free, there are no worries about putting toxic substances on your baby.

How Does Our All Natural Baby Chest Rub Work?

Our all natural baby chest rub is made with essential oils that are appropriate for a baby like Eucalytpus Radiata, Lavender, and Chamomile. They not only provide soothing relief but help strengthen your child’s immune system. With the soothing notes of lavender and chamomile, it helps relax your baby for a peaceful nights’ sleep. A perfectly safe vapor rub for your baby.

Relieves Their Baby Cough and Congestion Naturally

  • #1 Selling All Natural Baby Chest Rub in USA
  • Unique Blend of Natural Ingredients including Eucalytpus Radiata, Lavender and Chamomile
  • Petroleum Free and Menthol Free
  • Safe, Gentle and Effective
  • Drug Free, Chemical Free, Paraben Free,
  • For Ages 3 months and older
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • 3 Time National Award Winner

3 Time National Award Winner!

Maty's wins 3 Awards!

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For an extra soothing way to apply our baby chest rub, massage it into the bottom of your baby’s feet.

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How Do Our Natural Baby Chest Rub Ingredients Help?

Our baby chest rub is made from all natural food-based ingredients. Each ingredient provides soothing relief while strengthening the immune system.

  • Sunflower Oil – A healthy oil used as a base ingredient
  • Coconut Oil – A healthy oil that has been shown to be anti-microbial
  • Castor Oil – Increases immunity
  • Shea Butter – A rich natural moisturizer
  • Chamomile Essential Oil – Antispasmodic and antiseptic
  • Dill Weed Essential Oil – Anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant
  • Lavender Essential Oil – Disinfectant, enhances blood circulation, relaxes
  • Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil – Anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, decongestant
  • Coriander Essential Oil – Expectorant and anti-septic
  • Patchouli Essential Oil – Has a calming and relaxing effect
  • Candellila Wax – Adds texture
  • Vitamin E – Prevents oxidation of the oils
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Baby Chest Rub Information




    I recently purchased Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub for myself, an adult, to help when I had a sinus infection. It helped me tremendously. I now have a pinched nerve with pain and numbness going into my left leg. Today I used this Baby Chest Rub on my leg, thinking it might help ease the pain. Was I ever right! My leg feels very soothed and it has taken some of the soreness away. I don’t know if you can even recommend your products for this type of injury, but I am sooooo pleased that it has helped ease the pain and soreness. Thank you so very much!!



    I just want to say that I am so impressed with how well the chest rub worked on my 11mo old son!! He has been really congested my mother bought me the all natural baby chest rub and it cleared him up and he was able to sleep through the night. He is my fourth child and I wish so badly this was around when my other three were younger!! Just want to say good job and from now on I will only buy your chest rub cough syrup’s!!! Thank you again !



    I believe this may be my time I have ever written to a company expressing my love for a product. However, I felt like I just had to let you know what a great job you’re doing! I work as a supervisor for a major corporation, which always works to keep customer first, so I know you all will appreciate the feedback.
    My ten month old has had an ear infection and cold for approx 2 weeks. I was reluctant to put him on antibiotics but he was in so much pain I gave in. Turns out he is allergic to Amoxicillin, and thus spent three days with hives. I was feeling very discouraged and so guilty I had given him the meds and equally as disheartened that after it was all said and done he really didn’t seem that much better! I was in Ralph’s the other day and noticed your All Natural Baby Chest rub in the baby section. I was shocked to see they carried a natural baby product and was equally as thrilled it was something I could use for his little cough/nose. Last night we used it for the first time and it was Amazing! He slept better than he has in weeks and the smell is absolutely unbelievable. I joked w my husband I wanted to use it myself!
    Thank you for creating such an amazing product and for giving me healthy options for my little boys (I actually have four of them:) As I stated I work at a very trafficked business, I spent the morning singing your praises when people asked how my son was feeling. I look forward to finding more of your products (Ralph’s only carried the one, I believe) and telling everyone about them! Thank you,



    I bought your chest rub for babies about 3 years ago when my son had a horrible cough. We were travelling so didnt have many options to choose from, but were able to find this ointment in a local pharmacy. It is the only product I would put on his skin as I can recognize each and every ingredient. 
I love the smell so much that I put it on my own skin even when I’m not congested! I am also a massage therapist and have used this on a couple clients to relax muscles. I would and do recommend this product to everyone. Thank you for making such a great product that will continue to be a staple in our home.



    Works like a charm! I love that there’s chamomile in it … it really helps him rest!



    I tried the all natural baby chest rub on my daughter last night. She has a cold and it helped a lot! She slept through the night and woke up looking a lot better! Will totally recommend this to everyone I know.



    I rub this on my baby’s chest, back, and feet in the morning and after a bath before he goes to sleep. Works well enough to keep the congestion low.



    It smells heavenly, and it really soothed my 16 month old. She even learned the word “balm!” I plan to use on it myself next time I’m sick!



    The headline says it all – I thought it would just be alright, but after we used it for the first time, my little girl slept really well that night for a change. It does all it’s supposed to do & smells wonderful too!



    This item worked like a miracle on my heavily congested 1 year old. It literally removed cough symptoms within a few days and the child started feeling better even after the first night. Plus it’s all natural. A bit pricey here, (in Rochester where this rub was originally produced we were able to get it for about 5 dollars) but surely give it a try.

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