Olive oil in a glass bowl with olives around it, on a table next to kitchen tools.

Why The Oils Maty’s Uses Are Healthy For Your Skin

Since it only takes 26 seconds for anything on your skin to absorb into your system, it’s a good thing to pay attention to the oils you put on it. You want to know what your best options are for you and your little ones. But with so much confusing and conflicting information out there, how would you know?

The combination of oils used in your skincare products are instrumental in achieving your desired goals when purchasing a product. It’s also very complicated. Companies often employ a team of scientists to study and test these combinations for their products.

When it comes to Maty’s products, we don’t have a large team of scientists studying the fatty acid or triglyceride makeup of oils. We base our concerns on a few simple principles:

  1.    We want as pure, simple and natural oils as we can get.  
  2.    We choose to avoid hydrogenated oils as they are not natural.  They’re only one molecule away from plastic– gross! (Read more about this here.)
  3.    We focus on oils that closely resemble the ones on your skin such as jojoba, coconut, olive, and castor oil. There’s a reason why the oils on your skin are there.

We wanted to give you a bit more information and break down why we use each oil that we do because as always, every ingredient has a purpose. First, let’s learn a little bit more about the oils on your skin.


The Purpose Of The Oils (Sweat) On Your Skin

The oils on your skin are called sebum or sweat. Although they can be a nuisance, especially for a young teen, there is a purpose to them. They help protect your skin from breaking out in a bacterial infection.Your skin’s flora is similar to gut flora in that it must stay in balance to prevent skin eruptions from breaking out.  There’s a balance of both good and bad bacteria on your skin. Keeping the bad guys at bay is crucial for healthy, glowing skin.

The body does this by releasing oils through your pores. These oils not only help cool you down when you are exerting too much energy, they also keep your skin flora balanced. The good bacteria on your skin will break down the oils into fatty acids and glycerol. The glycerol feeds the good bacteria, and the fatty acids help kill off the bad bacteria preventing them from taking over. That’s why people often recommend you not take too many hot showers as it removes the beneficial oils on your skin.


The Natural Oils In Maty’s Products

The natural oils in our products closely resemble the natural oils on your skin.  They act in this same way as the sebum or sweat in that they help feed the good bacteria and kill off the bad bacteria. Our oils are not synthetic, won’t clog pores, and have incredible healing effects. We’ve received countless testimonials from our Baby Chest Rub, Baby Ointment, and Vapor Rub helping people with dry skin or even eczema.

We are lucky there are so many healthy oils to choose from if you wish to make your ointments.  However, when choosing oils for commercial products, we not only have to look at their health benefits but also consider their shelf-life, expense, and stability. There are plenty of oils that are wonderful and healthy, but they may be too costly or may only last a few months before going rancid. Since we don’t want to include preservatives in our products, we use oils that have healing effects but will also be stable for an extended time.

Here is a list of the oils we use in our products and why:

Coconut Oil:
A healthy oil that is full of medium chain triglycerides and is nature’s richest source of lauric acid which make it antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti fungal.

Sunflower Oil:
A stable oil extracted from sunflower seeds. Sunflower oil is known for alleviating a handful of skin conditions including dryness, premature aging, and even sun damage. It’s rich in antioxidants which helps to fight free radicals and toxins that can damage skin health.

Olive Oil:
Although it may have a place on your kitchen counter, this “liquid gold” has been shown to have incredible benefits for your skin. It contains three significant antioxidants: vitamin E, phytosterols, and polyphenols; these ingredients help to neutralize free radicals and are anti-inflammatory. It won’t clog pores and penetrates deeply into the skin.

Jojoba Oil:
There are so many benefits of this oil! It has very similar properties to our sebum (oils on your skin), so it’s perfect for moisturizing and has even been shown to help eczema. Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), fights harmful bacteria, and can help to heal wounds faster.

Castor Oil:
A healthy oil comprised of 90% ricinoleic acid, which is a rare fatty acid that helps to moisturize and condition the skin. It stabilizes the consistency and texture of products and is a great delivery system for the oils in our rubs.

The Bottom Line On Oils

We know there’s a lot of conflicting information on the web about which oils are healthy and which are not.  It makes it hard to select a product and know if it’s the right one for you and your family.  But the thing to remember is, formulated products typically have multiple oils combined, so the oils work synergistically together. (Otherwise, you could just go into your kitchen and pull oil from your cupboard and slap it on your skin.)  

When studies isolate one oil, or a part of it like oleic acid, and make conclusions based on that, it may be helpful information, but most of your products don’t have just that isolated oil or one part of the oil in it. It may be better to consider the entire oil, or a mixture of oils to get the safest, most effective solution for you. The bottom line is: Maty’s is always looking for simple, pure and natural solutions for you and your family.  That’s why we select whole food ingredients whenever possible.