How Do You Make The Best Cough Syrup? Get It Certified Organic!

At Maty’s, becoming USDA certified organic was the next logical step in offering you the best cough syrup available for you and your family.

Now more than ever, people are looking for products and ingredients they trust. They are seeking verification from an outside agency that assures them that the claims made by a company are sincere.

That’s why we chose to provide you with another option for your healthy lifestyle. We took a product that was already safe, effective and natural and went one step further by producing the first USDA certified organic cough syrups that are available nationwide.

Why do we think these cough syrups are the best? Because they not only contain our powerful immune boosting ingredients, but they are now certified.

It was hard work, but we know you’re worth it! Here’s what it took for us to get certified organic.

How Maty’s Became USDA Certified Organic

Products that are certified organic have strict production and labeling requirements. An authorized organic company must be supervised by a certifying agency who oversees the process and then conducts annual audits.

We reached out to the California Certified Organic Farmers trade association (CCOF) to help guide us through this process and ultimately, present Maty’s with the official USDA Organic Certification and Seal.

CCOF examined our formula for the cough syrup and evaluated our suppliers to be sure they met the stringent guidelines for quality and integrity. They informed us that we were required to keep current records of our suppliers certifications as well, and present them to CCOF in the event of a random inspection.

CCOF conducts an annual inspection of our manufacturing facility to ensure the products produced are not adulterated with non-organic ingredients. They scrutinize our accounting systems each year where we are made to answer for each organic raw material purchased and confirm its use and percentages of each ingredient used in our cough syrup.

Now that we have this certification, we will be able to offer you additional organic products. Each new product will need to go through the same process as our organic cough syrups to ensure the ingredients and manufacturing process fall within the organic guidelines.

We received our USDA organic certification from CCOF on May 12, 2015. Since we like to show it off, you can view it here!

Maty’s Healthy Products is thrilled to be able to give you yet another healthy option for your lifestyle. You trust us with natural, now you can trust us with organic.

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