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Great Ways to Get Your Kids to Take Maty’s Cough Syrup [video]

When your child is sick, the last thing they want to do is take anything that will make them feel better!

So what’s a mom to do? At Maty’s we receive great feedback from clever moms who share ways they get their child to take our cough syrups without a fuss.

Made with whole-food ingredients, you can use our syrup just like maple syrup or honey.

In this short video, we share some ways you can give your child our ten immune boosting ingredients without them even knowing!

[Transcript for “Great Ways To Get Your Child To Take Maty’s Cough Syrup]

Hi Guys, we’re the social media team here at Maty’s.

Today we’re going to show you all the different ways to take our cough syrups.

When we were growing up our only option was to take it out of the plastic cap that came with the cough syrup.

Do you remember those cherry and grape flavors?

I hated taking those.

Me too!

But the cool thing with Maty’s is they are made with whole-food ingredients, and you can use them in any way that you use maple syrup or honey.

If you pick up our cough syrup bottles and read the ingredient label, you’ll know and recognize every ingredient that we use.

They are probably all things that you would find in your own kitchen.

These are all tips that Moms like you who use our cough syrup have written to tell us how your kids love to take it.

So if your kids wake up in the morning with a cough, you can try pouring it over their pancakes. Just shake it up really good because the honey in it can get thick.

And it’s not just for kids you can use all these tips too.

You can put it in your smoothie, applesauce or anything you use maple syrup or honey with.

All of our ingredients are also immune boosters that help you feel better quick too when you have a cough.

That also means you don’t have to be sick to take it. I take the cough syrup instead of using honey. I just put it in my tea every day.

Putting it in tea or even warm cider for your kids before bedtime is the perfect soothing way to get them to fall asleep calmly and sleep throughout the night.

If you use it in a way that we haven’t mentioned here to take our cough syrup, just comment below. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for watching!

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