Our story began with a mom on a mission.

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First, bliss. Then, worry.

In 1996, after having two energetic boys running around, I finally got my little baby girl. I was ecstatic and named her Maty. But my joy quickly turned to fear and anguish when we learned Maty was born with severe congenital heart defects. She was a brave patient and we were her ultimate support team as she had three heart surgeries before she was five years old. But those surgeries left her with a weakened immune system. And to make life more complicated, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the same time. We were a medical mess for those first 5 years of her life, and I knew I had to do something.

Moms never give up.

After her last surgery, Maty began to develop medical conditions that modern medicine didn’t have treatments for. And to make matters worse, I was still struggling with my RA. So I became a mom on a mission. I knew in my heart I could find answers to getting beyond the medical conditions that were controlling our lives.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

What drove me to create Maty’s Healthy Products was really my frustration with modern medicine and the horrible side effects I witnessed in my daughter. The need to find something better became my catalyst for creating a solution.

Relentless Research.

I began researching natural ways of healing so that I could keep my friends and family healthy, and it became my passion. The amazing thing was during my research I found traditional remedies from generations ago that I knew I could enhance given my newfound knowledge of healing. So I worked tirelessly, combining Mother Nature’s real and authentic ingredients from my own kitchen to create natural remedies that would be powerful health-promoting agents, proven by our grandmothers and mothers. Backed by plenty of long nights of research and tons of testing, Maty’s Healthy Products were created. Watch My Story

Sharing whole food health alternatives with the world.

Today, my not-so-little girl is healthy as can be, and what started as a need to help my family became my mission to help everyone. I want to reverse the unhealthy path of modern medicines and give parents natural and organic alternatives and peace of mind.

“I hope you’ll become part of the Maty’s story and join me in rethinking your medicine cabinet.”

- Carolyn, Maty's founder

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