Children’s Digestive Support

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Maty’s Children’s Digestive Support offers probiotics enhanced with innovative, clinically supported prebiotics to promote a healthy gut microbiome. With 5 billion CFU plus prebiotics, this FastMelt powder starts working within hours to support digestive health, immune health, and regularity. Your child will love the Awesome Orange taste and you won’t have to sneak probiotics and prebiotics into their diet anymore! All they need is one tasty packet a day to support their growing body.

Starts working within hours

To support digestive health, immune health, and regularity

Use 1 stick pack daily

Pour contents directly onto tongue and swallow

For ages

4 years and older

Artificial Dye Free
Gluten Free
No Added Sugar
No Animal Testing
Made in America With Global Ingredients

Every ingredient has a purpose.

Learn about these key ingredients, then discover what else is inside.
PreforPro® (LH01 – Myoviridae, LL5 – Siphoviridae, T4D – Myoviridae, LL12 – Myoviridae)

This prebiotic maintains a healthy intestinal tract to support normal gut health and gut functions and relieves occasional gut discomfort. It also supports the rapid reproduction of beneficial bacteria that comprise a healthy colon, promotes a healthy immune system and function, and promotes urinary tract health. DE111® and PreforPro® are registered trademarks of Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, Inc.

DE111® (Bacillus subtilis 5 billion CFU)

Probiotic that supports normal digestion, a healthy GI tract, and normal bowel movements in young children and helps protect against occasional constipation or diarrhea. It also supports healthy immune function and promotes urinary tract health. DE111® and PreforPro® are registered trademarks of Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, Inc.

Citric acid

Increases healthy acidity.

We're different. And that's right for your family.

Artificial Dye Free

Artificial dyes and color additives may have side effects for your body. We promise to not use artificial dyes or include color additives in any of our products.

No Added Sugar

We avoid sugar wherever we can. Maty’s has chosen to leave out any added sugars to give your child digestive support you can feel good about.

Maty’s always uses clean ingredients. Others, mix and match.

  • Probiotic + Prebiotic
  • Pour directly onto tongue
  • 5 Billion CFUs
  • Probiotic only
  • Must be mixed into food or water
  • 2.5 Billion CFUs

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