Organic Children's Goodnight Cough Syrup

Organic Children’s Goodnight Cough Syrup

Turns Coughs Into Zzz’s

Maty’s Organic Children’s Goodnight Cough Syrup is simply created with whole food, immune-support ingredients to calm coughs due to dry irritated throats. Mother Nature’s organic recipe combines chamomile tea and nutmeg to help kids relax into a peaceful night’s sleep. Goodnight little coughs!

What's In It

  • Organic Honey

  • Sea Salt

  • Organic Lemon Peel

  • Organic Cinnamon

  • Organic Lemon Balm Extract

  • Organic Clove

  • Organic Cayenne Pepper

  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Organic Chamomile Tea

  • Organic Marjoram

  • Organic Nutmeg

  • Zinc

What's Not In It

  • Melatonin

  • Natural or Artificial Flavors

  • Wheat

  • Drugs or Chemicals

  • Dairy

  • Sweeteners

  • Alcohol

  • Corn

  • Color Additives

  • Gluten Free
  • No Animal Testing
  • USDA Organic
  • Alcohol Free
  • Whole food health green icon

    Whole Food Health

    If you see the Whole Food Health symbol on our products, that means it’s made with ingredients you know, recognize, and can pronounce.

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    A Good Night’s Sleep Without Melatonin

    Melatonin is a potent hormone produced in the body, but when it's listed as an ingredient in products, it is likely a man-made synthetic. It’s even banned from being sold over the counter in other countries! That’s why we use pure chamomile tea and nutmeg instead of melatonin.

  • health symbol green icon

    Kid Friendly Cough Syrup

    Your kids don't like to take cough syrup? Get creative with how you take Maty’s! Try putting a teaspoon in warm tea or cider. Or put a little on a spoonful of apple sauce or oatmeal. Trust us, they’ll love it!

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4 reviews for Organic Children’s Goodnight Cough Syrup

  1. Margo Von

    I am an Opera Singer who travels extensively. I came down with a hefty something with complete loss of voice within hours of getting on a transatlantic flight. No access to a Doctor’s office upon arrival, and too boot, on a Saturday night.

    Desperate to find something that would ease the pain and bring down the swelling in my throat, I found myself in a Target at 10 PM. This was horrible and virtually nothing works over the counter. As staging would begin in a few days, I could get away with not singing, but I could not get away from staging.

    Maty’s you’ve impressed me beyond belief. I actually found myself feeling astute and energized, with the painful swelling in my tonsils come down and begin to clear within 12 hours. I did not feel over medicated like I have in past with pharma aisle tours.

    As I live in Canada, I was sad to earn your product is not available here. However, I will load up upon my next visit. Thank you for your dedication to developing a product that brings our bodies back to a natural state.

    Keep it up!

  2. Whitney Rogers

    I saw Maty’s as a sponsored ad on Instagram. My daughter, who’s 2, has a cough and I had to get her something to rid her of this.

    I’m plant based and even though I don’t force my diet on my children I don’t use any products that have ANY chemicals in our home.

    I researched where I could by Marty’s and went out to buy this product for her. I bought the night time because that’s when her cough has been at it’s worst. I gave this to her as soon as I arrived home within a couple of hours noticed a difference. Minimal to no coughing.

    I love the fact that everything is all natural and organic. We’ll be keeping this in our home.

  3. Luanna R.

    I am a mom of a 2 year old that has started daycare a little over two months ago. As you could expect, he has also been SICK for almost two months now – I guess building up his immune system as many may suggest.
    Needless to say, we have had several sleepless nights around here lately, especially LAST NIGHT – until I decided to run to the nearest Walgreens to desperately try to find a product that could ease his terrible cough, so that he could get some sleep. AND….. I FOUND YOUR PRODUCT !
    Life changing (Yes, it has been a DAY of using your product) – I cannot believe how fast this worked !
    He was coughing basically coughing nonstop, when at around midnight I left him with my husband and ran to Walgreens to try to find SOMETHING that I could give to him. I was giving him Hyland’s cough syrup, which has worked well at other times, but not this time. Then I found your product and decided to give it a try – so I drove back home, gave him 5ml of the product, and in literally 10-15min he stopped coughing, and feel asleep until this AM. I just… cannot believe how well it worked.
    I ran back to the pharmacy today to get your daytime version, and he has been coughing very very little all day long… And he is now taking the most wonderful nap, which gave me sometime to write you guys this email.


  4. Debbie

    What ages can take cough syrups?

    • The Maty’s Team

      Hi, Debbie. All of our cough syrups are for ages 1 year and older.

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