We Love Maty's

How WONDERFUL the Cough Syrup Nighttime is!!!

I can’t begin to tell you how WONDERFUL the Cough Syrup Nighttime is!!! I was looking for a cough relief that didn’t contain any of the ingredients most over the counter medicines have in them. Also I have a low tolerance to any kind of herbal remedies. I happened to come across your product and though I would give it a try. I cannot say ENOUGH about it!! I haven’t coughed at night ONCE since I began taking it!!!! Matter a fact I am so excited about it I posted it on my Facebook page, and when I went to Stop and Shop to get another bottle they were sold out. Several of my Friends have thanked me for posting your product!! Thank you once again!!!

— Gail T.

This Product is a Miracle

I’m new to Maty’s — I just recently purchased and started using the Breathe Better Nasal Ointment. I want to tell you that this product is a miracle! I suffer from allergies and frequent nasal congestion, so I get chafing and dry, sore skin under the nose and just inside the nostrils. I tried this ointment because my husband found and bought it for me — I didn’t know anything about it. But this stuff REALLY works, and so quickly that I found myself forgetting to use it because I didn’t need it so much after just a couple of days! After using tubes and tubes of antibiotic ointment and cream (which seems to dry the skin out even more) with little to no relief, I can finally wear my makeup at work all day without having a “reverse mustache” of angry red skin. THANK YOU, Maty’s!

— Sandy T.

Randy C - A happy Matys Healthy Products Customer

Never Found Anything Better than Acid Indigestion Relief

I suffer terribly from indigestion and I’ve never found anything that works better than Maty’s. I’m even back to eating foods I’ve avoided for years. Thank You!

— Randy C.

Joanna Acid Indigestion Relief Testimonial

Sleeping Better with Acid Indigestion Relief

I started using Maty’s All Natural Acid Indigestion Relief when I was at my wits end with my acid reflux. I was taking N****M and still needed to take T**S every night at bedtime. I started taking Maty’s. I was very impressed with the results! I didn’t realize how much my acid reflux affected my sleep. Now with Maty’s I am sleeping better than ever before and with NO acid reflux. Thank you!!

— Joanna M.

Tonya and Easton P

I am in love with this stuff!

My mom suggested I try Maty’s, so I used the Baby Chest Rub on my son and he instantly stopped coughing and slept through the whole night. I didn’t even have to reapply. I am in love with this stuff! I even use it because it smells so good!!!!

— Tonya & Easton P.

Sarah G

Thank you for making such a great product

I love the smell so much that I put it on my own skin even when I’m not congested! I am also a massage therapist and have used this on a couple clients to relax muscles. I would and do recommend this product to everyone. Thank you for making such a great product that will continue to be a staple in our home.

— Sara G.

Jen J

I see a huge difference right away.

I am writing to say thank you for this awesome organic cough syrup. I gave it to my 3 yr old and saw a huge difference right away. At first I had to give it to him mixed with some OTC meds but he is so used of taking it he just takes it alone now. I just love it cause when his allergies act up it turns into a sinus infection and the cough syrup helps him so much. Thank you so much since there is no OTC cough syrup for his age and when he gets old enough I will not give him OTC meds for his cough since I see better results with your product.

— Jen J.

He calmed down and slept the entire night without stirring.

My kids can get really restless at night when they get sick and keep me up until the sun rises! My spouse brought home your kids nighttime cough syrup when our littlest one wasn’t feeling great. That night, not only did his cough stop, but he calmed down and slept the entire night without stirring. It was magic, I even got some sleep!

— Melody G.

Ted K

This product is amazing!

This product is amazing! It worked in 10 minutes time.

— Ted K.

Marina J

I slept all night.. I love it!

I have had a horrible cold and cough since returning from Paris. I bought some Maty’s Nighttime cough syrup to try… I have to say, I am really impressed. I slept all night.. I love it!

— Marina J.

Nancy G

I have felt relief

My pharmacist recommended your product to me. I have sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease. A dry cough is an ongoing problem. Well meaning people often hand me lozenges or tell me about other cough syrups. These have no effect on my cough. I have gotten some relief from rubbing your product on my chest and my feet…great mom’s tip. I can only use at night, as rub has a pleasant but rather distinctive smell.

I don’t know if rub can be gently massaged into back of neck to relieve muscle tension pain, but I have tried it a couple of times instead of reaching for Advil, and I have felt relief. Sarcoidosis patients often suffer pain in their neck, and/or upper shoulders, and/or head because intense coughing “throws” the body out of alignment.

I just wanted to let you know that drug-free relief from pain is a God send, and I would like to encourage you to develop such products.

— Nancy G

Colleen B

In less than 24 hours my skin has improved dramatically.

Wow I have to say THANK YOU so much for Maty’s baby ointment. I have celiac disease, while I was away from home I developed a bad case of dry skin on my hands and face. I can’t use just any lotion or ointment because some contain hidden gluten. I looked through the ENTIRE store before giving the baby aisle a try – MATY’S to the rescue! In less than 24 hours my skin has improved dramatically. I know its for babies but I didn’t think you’d mind a testimonial from a grown-up desperate for relief.

— Colleen B … and her thankful husband John

Matt J

Even more effective than the problematic ointments that are sold everywhere

I am so happy we discovered Breath Better Nasal Ointment. I searched extensively online for a safe natural ointment that is both petroleum and paraben free and was astonished to find that Breathe Better is the only product that meets this criteria. I have read about the dangers of using petroleum jelly products inside the nose, as well as the potential health concerns associated with parabens, so we wanted a safe alternative. What I am so pleased about is that Breath Better Nasal Ointment is not only totally natural and safe for daily use, but also pleasant to use and even more effective than the problematic ointments that are sold everywhere. We use Breath Better every night to improve the breathing and reduce nasal dryness and it works perfectly.

— Matt J

Meg R

Thank you for creating an all natural alternative

Dear Maty’s, Thank you for creating an all natural alternative to Vick’s vaporub. I have been hesitant to use Vick’s on my children because of the toxic qualities of it’s ingredients (camphor and turpentine oil). I also had concerns about the ingredient petrolatum, being potential contaminated and being environmentally unfriendly. Having found your product on the shelf at CVS in Wisconsin today, I was quite pleased. I will be sure to share my experience with my friends and family.

— Meg R

Mary Ann G

This is the best ever!

I was sick last week that left me with a cough that i couldn’t get rid of.  I bought your cough syrup this afternoon and haven’t coughed since I took the second dose.  I just posted a picture of it on my facebook to let all my friends know this is the best ever!

— Mary Ann G.

Sarah L

Maty's is so effective you can count the minutes until relief.

I love hearing a cough go away, especially one that is keeping us all awake at night. Maty’s is so effective you can count the minutes until relief. Maty’s is a staple in our home. We always remember to bring it on vacation with us so a cold can quickly pass and we keep having fun! At the first sign of any cough in our house someone yells Hit it with the Maty’s!!

— Sarah L.

Lealah B

I just had to let you know what a great job you're doing!

I believe this may be my first email I have ever written to a company expressing my love for a product. However, I felt like I just had to let you know what a great job you’re doing!

My ten month old has had an ear infection and cold for approx 2 weeks. I was reluctant to put him on anything but he was in so much pain I gave in. I was in Ralph’s the other day and noticed your All Natural Baby Chest rub in the baby section. I was shocked to see they carried a natural baby product and was equally as thrilled it was something I could use for his little cough/nose. Last night we used it for the first time and it was Amazing! He slept better than he has in weeks and the smell is absolutely unbelievable. I joked w my husband I wanted to use it myself!

Thank you for creating such an amazing product and for giving me healthy options for my little boys (I actually have four of them:) I look forward to finding more of your products and telling everyone about them!

— Lealah B