Powered zinc in glass jars with wooden spoon.

Can You Take Too Much Zinc?

Zinc is most known for its immune boosting properties, helping keep your system strong and fighting off any unwanted or foreign microbes. And since your body is unable to store zinc, it’s something you need to get from the foods you eat or through supplementation. But can you take too much zinc?  How much is too much?

Over-consuming zinc can be just as harmful as not having enough so it’s important to know the right balance. We often get asked how much zinc is in our cough syrups and if it’s possible to take too much. So to help, we’ll start  by giving you a look into this powerful immune booster.


The Power of Zinc

While you may only think of zinc when it comes to immunity, it’s actually responsible for many life-sustaining functions. Did you know zinc:

  • Boosts your immunity
  • Helps maintain your mood & mental clarity
  • Improves both intensintal and prostate health
  • Affects your sense of taste and smell

How does zinc affect your immunity?  It does so by increasing your production of white blood cells that help fight infection. By strengthening your immune system, zinc also supports wound healing and increases killer cells that attack cancer. Some studies show that zinc may even reduce the duration of your cold by 50 percent! The bottom line: you want zinc in your body!


How Much Is Too Much?

According to the FDA, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for zinc is around 5-8 mg for children under 13 and 15mg for adults. This is the amount suggested for your body to simply stay healthy.

However, when your body is challenged, like when you’re fighting off an infection, having more zinc in your body can really help.  It’s similar to vitamin C. When people feel a bit under the weather, they increase their vitamin C intake to help ward off their infection. Once the infection is over, they go back to their maintenance dose of vitamin C.  


Can You Take Too Much Zinc?

According to the International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health, you would have to take between 225–400 mg of zinc for a prolonged period of time to even be close to “toxic” levels. That’s a LOT of zinc!

If you have a cough or cold, you’re most likely going to take our cough syrup a few times a day for soothing relief. Each serving is 5 mg, so even if you took it four times, that would only be 20mg for that day.  You’d be hard pressed to even get close to 200 mg! Make sense?

Many people take our cough syrups that are filled with powerful  immune support ingredients on a daily basis.  And we might add, it is a tasty way to do it. So when we say there are no worries of taking too much, we mean it!

In this modern social media age, there’s so much information on the internet that it can be hard to decipher what is fact and what isn’t. Be your own advocate and always remember to do your own research.


Zinc In Your Diet

If you’re looking to generally boost your zinc intake outside of a supplement (or our cough syrup!), you could also focus on including these foods into your diet:

Spinach (1.4 mg per cup)
Mushrooms (1.5 mg per cup)
Cashews (1.6 mg per oz)
Cocoa Powder (1.9 mg per oz)
Grass-fed lamb (2.2 mg per oz)
Chickpeas (2.5 mg per cup)
Pumpkin seeds (6.6 mg per cup)

Whether you’re fighting off a cold/flu or just looking to keep your immune system strong as a preventative measure, zinc is definitely something you’ll want to have enough of. And remember, safety is our top priority so you can always be sure that our products are created with you and your little ones in mind!

PS: Learn how to use our cough syrups to get immune support (here) or how to creatively get your kids to take it with ease (here).


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