Fresh Fruits at a Market

Advantages Of The Whole Food Trend & Why It’s Going Mainstream

Did You Hear? Green Is The New Black.

Whether you are a health junkie or not, you have most likely heard of the whole food trend. It’s a movement that is only getting more popular by the day and here at Maty’s, we have made it our mission to get on board with this revolution!

Where You Have Seen This Trend

There is definitely a social movement underway with the spike in demand for organic, sustainable and local natural foods. Just look at the number of farmer’s markets that have emerged in mall and church parking lots, town and village common areas, and even hotel entrances.

Ever been to a “farm to table” restaurant? They are all-the-rage in big cities, but have since even wandered out of the urban areas to smaller towns. Farm to table just means they serve local, seasonal food.

The popularity of whole foods can also be seen in newly surfacing diets. People are leaving behind outdated calorie-counting methods for plans based around real foods such as the Whole30 and Paleo diets.

Go to Netflix. A Few of their most popular streaming movies are documentaries on whole foods like Food Inc, Forks over Knives, and What The Health.

We Constantly See These Two Words, ‘WHOLE FOODS’, But What Do They Actually Mean?

The whole food movement is for people who believe in the correlation between the quality of food you eat and the quality of the life you live.

It’s the idea of going back to the way people ate hundreds of years ago when processed foods didn’t exist. When people ate primarily vegetables, fruits, meats, whole grains, and healthy fats. Did cavemen eat Lean Cuisine or stop by the drive-thru for dinner? I don’t think so.

….So When And Why Did We Become So Dependent On Them?

National Geographic claims that back in the 1950s, people became dependent on sugar and carbohydrates as their main energy source. As women entered the workforce and people got more involved with extracurricular activities, their lives got busier. This lead to less time for meal preparation and caused people to rely on processed foods for a fast and convenient alternative.

I bet you can guess what else happened.. the number of people linked to diabetes and other diseases skyrocketed!

The problem is that when you eat processed foods you never really know what you are putting into your body or how it will effect you. Wouldn’t it be a great to always know what you are feeding your body? Well, here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about your next meal:

Disadvantages Of Processed Foods

  • Sodium levels are way too high
  • Sugar levels are way too high
  • Nutrients and vitamins are removed or processed out
  • Elevated levels of trans fats and minimal healthy fats
  • Highly allergenic, and people’s bodies are reacting
  • Highly inflammatory and wreak havoc on our guts
  • Understanding labels is difficult with funky chemical names were never meant to be digested
  • High correlation between eating processed foods and depression and anxiety

Advantages Of Whole Foods

  • Helps sustain optimal blood sugar levels
  • Helps improve mood- who doesn’t want to be happier!
  • Supports better digestion and a healthier gut
  • Nourish the body- you will actually be full!
  • More energy
  • Less muscle aches and pain
  • Helps heal the body with food labels we can read and understand

American consumers are finally starting to reject processed, labeled food and beginning to embrace simpler, whole foods. Thank goodness!

At Maty’s we strictly use whole food ingredients for our products. We want to be transparent by letting you, our customers, know exactly what is in the products that you’re putting into your bodies. We make sure our products not only make you feel better, but will support your health for healing.

The whole foods movement has become more than just a trend, it’s a way of life, and we think it’s amazing!