Apple and Apple Cider Vinegar Jar

ACV: The Latest Health Fad You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

It may seem like a recent “health fad” to you, but apple cider vinegar is anything but new. History shows that apple juice was being fermented into vinegar since before 5000 BC; it was used for everything from stimulating circulation and cleansing the blood to detoxifying the liver and increasing immunity. Hippocrates himself often prescribed ACV (mixed with a little honey) for coughs and colds. It’s in every single one of our syrups, that’s how strongly we feel about this superfood!

What Makes It So Great?

Apple cider vinegar is made by merely combining raw apple juice with active yeast, which begins to use up the natural sugar from the apples to ferment (aka: grow healthy bacteria). After the fermentation process is complete, you’re left with acetic acid, the main healing component of apple cider vinegar.

If you see cobweb-like yeast strands and a murky brown color at the bottom of your bottle, this is called the “mother.” It is completely normal and is considered to be the magical component of the liquid. The mother contains enzymes that when combined with phytonutrients, are very detoxifying to your body.  They are proof that the ACV is of the highest quality! On the other hand, clear vinegar is pasteurized and the “mother” filtered out which may leave you with a suitable window washing fluid, but will be lacking so many useful health benefits.

Six Reasons To Love ACV

Apple cider vinegar has been shown to have incredibly positive effects on the human body, from balancing pH levels to aiding in the common cold. Here are 6 of its most powerful benefits:


ACV has been shown to naturally cleanse and detoxify the liver and lymphatic system, which helps to rid our body of toxins. Out with the old!

Acid Reflux And Heartburn Relief:

Contrary to popular belief, acid reflux occurs due to a lack of acid in your stomach, not a surplus. The heartburn stems from imbalanced pH levels and a lack of enzymes + probiotics. ACV covers all of these bases, which is why we include it in all of Maty’s syrups, especially our All Natural Acid Indigestion Relief.

Eliminating a Cough or Cold:

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best remedies for a cold. It’s packed with acetic acid, probiotics, enzymes, and vitamins. This combination packs a serious punch to kick your cough to the curb!

Regulate pH:

Apple cider vinegar is acidic, but has an alkalizing effect on your body. Keeping your pH in balance, reduces your risk for chronic diseases such as cancer. Think of your body as an ecosystem: the bad guys won’t be able to survive in an alkaline state!

Balance Blood Sugar:

Research has shown that ACV also balances blood sugar and even improves insulin sensitivity. Taking it before or with meals can help immensely, especially over time.

Fights Seasonal Allergies:

Because ACV helps to break up mucus and supports lymphatic drainage, it’s also helpful for allergies. Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of those puffy eyes and scratchy throat this year?

Best Ways To Take Apple Cider Vinegar

Always dilute ACV with water or another food such as honey. By itself, it could potentially harm your esophagus (it is an acid after all!). The ratios vary depending on what you’re looking to accomplish, but here are a few ways to give it a try:

Dilute in water with lemon: Add 1 tbsp ACV to 1 cup of water and fresh lemon juice. Hot or cold, it takes a bit like apple cider!
Mix with honey: Combine 1/2 tsp ACV with 1/2 tsp honey. It will quickly ease your sore throat or cough.
Add it to your salad dressings: Replace regular vinegar with ACV to ramp up your h

As you can see, apple cider vinegar has incredible benefits. However, it’s not the easiest liquid to keep down. Hint: Grab any of Maty’s Organic or All Natural Cough Syrups to reap the positives, without the strong taste!

Other Ways To Use Up Your ACV

Hair Conditioner:

Mix 1 tbsp ACV with 1 cup of water and rinse your hair, after shampooing. It clears away any residue or buildup from a product or your environment. Bonus: it makes your hair SO shiny! Repeat 1-2 times per week or as needed.

Household Cleaner:

The antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar make it a perfect cleaning agent. Mix 50% ACV and 50% water into a spray bottle; use for windows, counters or other general surfaces. Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil for an even better smell!

Soothe a Sunburn:

This may come as a surprise! Put one cup ACV into a warm bath with coconut oil and a few drops of your favorite calming essential oil (maybe lavender or chamomile). Together the combination does wonders (and feels amazing)!



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