Young girl in bed with mom taking her temperature for the flu.

Be Prepared For A Tough Flu Season With Maty’s


This upcoming 2018 flu season is expected to be a bad one. According to The New England Journal of Medicine, the Australian flu vaccine– which has the same composition as the U.S. version– was only 10% effective this past season. Which means there are going to be a lot of people left vulnerable when the flu comes their way.  That’s why we feel it’s even more important to keep your immune system strong all year round.


Signs It Will Be A Bad Flu Season

According to Consumer Reportswe can usually predict how the flu season here in the U.S. will unfold by looking to other countries who have already experienced their flu season, like Australia. Their most recent season proved to be unusually severe, with almost 3x more cases reported than the previous year and over 29,000 people hospitalized.

Unfortunately, what happens in Australia doesn’t stay in Australia and will eventually make its way to the Northern Hemisphere (i.e. to us!). According to  a Today report , the flu strain that tore through Australia (H2N3) is known to be a severe one this year and is the same strain that will also hit the U.S. And with the flu shot only working 10% of the time, is it even worth getting one? It may be better to work on keeping your immune system extra strong. That’s where we come in.


Why Maty’s Helps You Get Over A Flu

When you’re up against the flu, you want to be prepared. And with so many options on the market, which do you choose? We might be biased, but Maty’s Cough Syrups are loaded with 10 immune boosters for a reason.  They not only help quiet your cough, they can help you get over your flu faster.  And it’s not just about what we do include, it is also what we choose to leave out. You’ll never find any preservatives, soy, dairy, gluten, weird fillers, or “natural” flavors in any of our products.  They won’t help your cough, cold or flu!

If you have a flu, there are two great ways to use Maty’s Organic or Natural Cough Syrups.  You can take them when you’re sick, or be proactive.  Take them daily as a preventative against the flu. People write us all the time telling us how they love to take their daily dose of Maty’s to keep their immune systems robust and active.  

What makes Maty’s so different? See the ingredients for yourself!


10 Immune Boosters To Ambush Your Flu

Since Maty’s cough syrups are made with whole food ingredients, you will most likely find the ingredients right in your own kitchen. But when you are sick, do you want to research, figure out amounts, and mix it yourself?  It’s like making your own cake – you can make it from scratch, or you can make one from a mix.  If someone else has down the hard work and figured it out to make it convenient and high-quality– who wouldn’t take the easier option? We know most people don’t have the time , especially when you are sick and need it right away. We’ve taken the guesswork out entirely and thoughtfully curated formulas that are effective, pure and natural.  Here are the ten immune boosters you’ll find in every spoonful:

Honey– An ancient remedy that soothes a sore throat and has powerful antibacterial properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar– It supports a healthy immune system by adding acid to your system. Read more about the benefits of ACV, here.

Lemon Peel– An excellent source of antioxidants and flavonoids.

Cinnamon– Provides antioxidants and promotes healthy breathing.

Marjoram– Has antimicrobial properties.

Lemon Balm– Provides a calming and soothing effect. Learn more about this magical herb, here.

Clove– A potent antimicrobial and antioxidant .

Cayenne Pepper– Helps increase circulation and contains many antioxidants. (We use a small amount so you’ll hardly taste the spice!)

Sea Salt– Has wonderful antimicrobial properties along with providing important trace minerals.

Zinc– Has been clinically proven to shorten the duration of a cold or flu by providing significant immune support.

What’s the best part about our Cough Syrups? Whether it’s for yourself or the little ones in your family, you can treat our cough syrups like you would honey or maple syrup. It is soothing to stir them in your warm tea or cider.  It is sneakily to pour our cough syrup on oatmeal, or even hide it in a smoothie! Be creative and use it any way you want.  We know it can be tricky to get kids to take cough syrup, so we hope this makes it easier for everyone’s immune system to stay strong this flu season!

Carolyn Harrington