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Are Maty’s Cough & Heartburn Remedies Safe to Take While Pregnant or Nursing?


We often get the question: Are Maty’s cough and acid indigestion syrups safe to take when you are pregnant or nursing? The answer is yes!  Our syrups are an excellent choice during this delicate time in your life and here’s why.

At Maty’s, we make our cough and acid indigestion syrups with whole food ingredients.  When you read our labels, you’ll recognize them. They don’t have scary-sounding names you can’t pronounce, like dextromethorphan,  guaifenesin, or pseudoephedrine.

It’s important to be extra cautious and aware of what goes into your body while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding because what you eat directly impacts your little one! With that said, you can be your advocate when it comes to natural products. A useful tip: read the ingredients; if you recognize and know them and would put it on your oatmeal, you’re good to go.

Think about it: when you’re pregnant and go into a restaurant, does the waiter provide a warning when you order a particular salad dressing? “Ma’am, you should know there is apple cider vinegar in this dressing.” I don’t think so!

What’s interesting is that according to WebMD and other sources, there is no clinical evidence that cough medicines work. However, there are clinical studies that support Maty’s active ingredients help you quiet a cough and get a restful night’s sleep.

Mother nature provides so many powerful healing agents.  That’s why we take advantage and use whole-foods that you most likely already have in your kitchen. Our formulas have been carefully and thoughtfully created with your family in mind, by a mom herself. They are effective yet safe for anyone one year and older.

Another huge benefit to using Maty’s whole food based cough syrups is you can get creative with how you take it or give it to your kids.  We get so many people who tell us they love how soothing it is to put a teaspoon of our cough syrup in a cup of warm tea.  Learn more creative ways to take our cough syrup here.

All of our cough syrups here at Maty’s are safe for a pregnant or breastfeeding woman; you can trust us on that!