Banana pancakes on a plate with loose eggs and a whisk on the counter.

6 Creative Ways To Get Your Child To Take Natural Cough Syrup

Maty’s Natural Cough Remedies are made from whole-food ingredients, so it’s simple to come up with creative ways to give it to your child without a fight!

When your child is sick, you want to help them feel better, fast. While the extra kisses and hugs help, the struggle gets real when you have to give them a spoonful of cough syrup. Children automatically think it tastes bad if it will help them feel better.

6 Ways To Take Maty’s All Natural Cough Syrup

At Maty’s, we receive great feedback from Moms on how they gave their children our all natural cough syrup. We wanted to share this with you in hopes that your little one might respond to one of these suggestions!

1. It’s Not WHAT You Say, It’s HOW You Say It

Sometimes it can be as simple as the power of suggestion. When a child sees that spoon coming at them with the words, “take your medicine,” they immediately think “Yuck!” Try offering it to them by saying, “You are going to love this!” You may be surprised at their response.

Think about it. When you give them a cookie, it’s always with a smile and, “Would you like a cookie?” Try that approach with our natural cough syrup by saying, “Would you like to try this yummy new syrup I bought for you? It has honey in it.”

Which would you prefer to hear?

2. The Power of Pancakes

What child doesn’t like pancakes? Since pancakes are a comfort food, why not offer them to your child when they need comforting? Pour our cough syrup over pancakes as soon as you hear any signs of a cough.

Since our natural cough syrup contains whole-food ingredients and supports your immune system, it would be good to take even when they aren’t sick. It may help their bodies fight off any future incoming germs.

3. Add it to Their Favorite Drink

Why not put it in warm apple cider or decaffeinated tea? Our natural cough syrup is made with honey; so it sweetens the tea. Many people have written telling us this was such a soothing way to take our cough syrup. Who doesn’t want to be soothed when they are sick?

4. Mix it up!

Every child has a favorite hot cereal. Try mixing some of our natural cough syrup into their favorite oatmeal. Add in some of their favorite fruit; they’ll be asking for seconds and getting the immune support benefits in every spoonful.

5. By the Spoonful

If your child is not up to eating hot cereal or pancakes, try giving it to them by the spoonful. Put some applesauce or yogurt on a spoon and then top it off with our natural cough syrup. Anything can be used, so get creative and find something your child enjoys eating that will taste good with honey.

6. Too Thick? Add Some Water.

Our natural cough remedies are made with honey and tend to be thick. While some children don’t mind the thick texture, others prefer it thinner. Not a problem! If you have to add a bit of water to make it thinner, they’ll still get the same benefits.

Down the hatch it goes. Good Luck!
We hope this helps to eliminate some of the fuss over giving your child our natural cough syrup. Let us know what works for you. Got a new idea? Share your tips and we’ll add them to our list!