Portrait of Carolyn and Maty, founders of Maty's Healthy Products

These Mompreneurs Are Changing The Game

My story started in the kitchen over 20 years ago. When my daughter, Maty, was born with congenital heart defects, I knew I had to do something to help. After years of studying and fine-tuning my natural healing skills, I created unique remedies with ingredients right from my cupboard. Turns out, they were not only safe and simple, but they helped Maty heal. All of my family and friends loved and benefited from them, too. It’s because of their support that I launched Maty’s Healthy Products.

Being a mom and starting a company is no easy task. That’s why I’m sharing 10 stories of moms who started businesses when they saw a need to create something different and better for their families. I’m proud to be a part of such an amazing community of women, moms, entrepreneurs, and leaders!

Angie Bastian

Angie Bastian: BoomChickaPop

When Angie got fed up with all of the toxic and unnecessary ingredients in the food her kids were eating, she decided to do something about it. With the help of her husband, she set out to create a flavorful snack that she’d feel good about feeding to their kids, with ingredients they could actually pronounce. Can you believe this all started in their garage?!

Lisa Greenwald: Chewbeads

When her son kept reaching for her necklace and chewing on it, Lisa had a lightbulb moment. She didn’t want him to break, take in any unwanted chemicals, or worse.. end up choking. That’s when she created Chewbeads; a collection of 100% silicone necklaces and bracelets that act as non-toxic baby teethers (without sacrificing fashion). Genius!

Maia Haag

 Maia Haag: I See Me!

I love this idea! Maia and her husband received a personalized book for their first son back in 1998, but thought they could do a better job. They worked hard for over a year to bring it to life. Fast forward to now and they’ve created an empire out of gorgeous personalized children’s books.

Susan Petersen

Susan Petersen: Freshly Picked

With only $200, some scrap leather, and a lot of willpower, Susan set out to create the well-designed shoe she wished was available for her kids. The result: Freshly Picked— a line of adorable moccasins that are just as functional as they are fashionable. Win/win!

Elle Rowley

Elle Rowley: Solly Baby

After lugging her first baby around in awkward, large carriers, Elle knew there had to be a better (and more fashionable!) way to keep her little one close to her. She started experimenting with making infant wraps in her living room and the rest is history. Solly Baby’s wraps are made using sustainable fabric and environmentally-friendly dyes right here in the US.

laura berg

Laura Berg: My Smart Hands

After years of teaching American Sign Language in schools as a tool to help students improve their spelling and literacy skills, Laura started bringing the practice home. When her new daughter started to learn ASL, she knew she had to share. My Smart Hands has blossomed into an international business with over 200 instructors worldwide.

Jill Morris

Jill Morris: Jilz Crackers

After becoming a mom at a young age, Jill struggled with her weight. And it wasn’t until she eliminated grains from her diet entirely that things started to shift. When she struggled to find a cracker that was free of gluten, rice, soy, dairy, grains, sugar, or fillers– she decided to create her own! Jilz Crackers was born and are now on shelves across America.

Kat Nouri

Kat Nouri: Stasher Bag

Kat grew up in a health-conscious environment and she was raising her kids the same way, with whole, pure foods. But what about the plastic containers or bags she was putting them in? She knew there had a be a better way than these chemical-leaching materials that just end up in landfills. Stasher Bags are made out of 100% silicone and are the world’s first self-sealing non-plastic bag. Kat aims to create a plastic-free movement and leave future generations with a healthier ecosystem.

Katerina Schneider

 Katerina Schneider: Ritual

When Katerina got pregnant, she started to swap out all of the toxic products in her home that she couldn’t get behind. But when she went looking for a prenatal vitamin, there wasn’t one that met her criteria. So she created one! Ritual is a daily vitamin for women that focuses only on what they need and none of what they don’t.

Dr. Hilary Fritsch  Dr. Colleen Crowley

Dr. Hilary Fritsch + Dr. Colleen Crowley: The Brushies

When Hilary, a practicing family dentist, started to realize how many little ones had big teeth problems, she saw an opportunity. What if brushing was fun for kids? Inspired by a moment between her toddler and a finger puppet, Brushies was born! Together with Colleen, a clinical psychologist, they’ve created a non-toxic, puppet silicone toothbrush that makes brushing teeth creative and fun.

What an incredible group of women! Maybe this will inspire the next crew of mom entrepreneurs that have a problem to solve.  It all starts with an idea, a willingness to dream big and the guts to go for it. There’s plenty of room for all of us. Who knows, maybe you’ll see your name on a list like this someday too!