Fresh Cut Lemons

Think “Natural Flavors” Are Natural? Think Again.

Here’s the thing:  No one really knows what is in “natural flavors”.  It’s pretty contradictory to think they could potentially contain hundreds of GMO, synthetic, or chemical ingredients. The word “natural” is supposed to put your mind at ease, right?


The term “natural flavors” is being thrown around very loosely these days and unfortunately doesn’t guarantee much of anything. Think about it. If the flavors were in fact natural, wouldn’t they just tell us exactly what they are? (Ex. Blueberry flavoring would just read: blueberries.)

Here’s The Lowdown On Natural Flavors

Formulated in a lab, natural flavors are used to create consistency, so that every single product that incorporates it will taste exactly the same. Just because two strawberries come in the same pint doesn’t mean that they have the same flavor profile. Ever get that one extra sour grape? However, there is a catch here.

The cost of having perfectly uniform taste is very high. Just one flavoring can contain up to 100 different ingredients– from methyl cyclopentenolone to diacetyl. What the heck? Yeah, that’s what we thought, too. It can take 70-80 tries to get the combination just right and trick your taste buds into wanting more.. and more.

Although natural flavors may sound better than artificial ones, it is hard to say since you don’t know what it is exactly.

The FDA and Natural Flavors

What’s even crazier is that the FDA doesn’t even require food companies to disclose the ingredients that make up their natural flavors. A food manufacturer has two options: to either display the laundry list of potentially harmful and unpronounceable ingredients on their packaging, or use the terms “natural flavors”. You can guess which one they choose. This loophole will keep you completely in the dark as to what actually goes into your food! And it’s hiding under a seemingly “wholesome” ingredient name.

For these reasons, we removed all “natural flavoring” from our products and replaced it with pure lemon oil to enhance the flavor. (It’s tastes even better now!) The oils are simply extracted from whole, real lemons. That’s it! You won’t find any synthetic, chemicals, or GMO ingredients in any of our products.


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