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What Exactly Does ‘Whole Food Health’ Mean?

As a society, we’ve become obsessed with what we put into our bodies when it comes to food– organic has become mainstream and people are valuing ingredients over calories. However it doesn’t seem to have translated to other parts of our life. Are you still reaching for pharmaceuticals at the first sign of a cold?

Did you know there’s actually a medicine cabinet right in your own kitchen? Using food to heal is nothing new. For thousands of years, humans have relied on food and herbs for medicine; their healing properties are documented and have stood the test of time. Sadly, within the last 100 years we have forgotten about our medicinal roots and now rely on patented drugs.

The idea of whole food health is simple: it’s using ingredients you know, recognize, and can pronounce. There are no worries of side effects, or taking too much. We’ve even stamped it on our products.. now that’s commitment!

What about your skin?

We think it’s great that people are opting for tea over soda or fruit over dessert, but we’re puzzled that they are still rubbing chemical-laden lotion all over their bodies. If it only takes 26 seconds for things to absorb into our skin, shouldn’t we care just as much about what we put our bodies as what we eat for lunch? People often view their beauty routine as totally separate from what’s in their fridge, but isn’t it all going to the same place? It should be treated that way.

Here at Maty’s, we’re committed to bringing this movement back– if you couldn’t put it in your mouth, you won’t find it in our products! Even when it comes to our topical rubs and ointments, you can be confident that all of the ingredients could be found in your cupboard. How cool is that?


The Advantage Of Using Whole-Food Products:


Farm to Pharmacy

When you take food in its entirety, you are not only taking important nutrients, you are also taking supporting elements like enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, and trace elements. These factors help you digest and assimilate the necessary nutrients in the whole food.

Taking food in its entirety means you are not extracting individual elements from the plant which when taken alone, may be more toxic and therefore, produce more side effects.


Body Heal Thyself

Since whole-food remedies are not based solely on symptoms, they take a more holistic approach. By supporting your body as a whole, it’s able to do the healing work that it’s meant to do. Our bodies will heal themselves if given half the chance.

Options Are Endless

When you’re dealing with whole foods, it becomes that much easier to take them! People tell us all the time how soothing it is to put a bit of our cough syrup in a cup of warm tea or cider because it’s so soothing and makes them feel good. Add them to your oatmeal or even a smoothie; the possibilities are endless. Bonus: your kids won’t even notice!


All the benefits, without the bad taste.

Sometimes the healthiest, most healing foods taste the worst. Have you read about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar? We think everyone should be taking it as a health tonic since it’s so good for you, but have you also tried drinking it alone? Yuck!

By including it our immune supporting cough syrups, you get the Apple Cider Vinegar without the terrible taste.


We’re completely transparent with our ingredients because each one is thoughtfully chosen for it’s healing properties. We never add fillers, preservatives, additives, or anything that doesn’t serve a specific purpose. If it wouldn’t go in your mouth, it won’t go into our products; you can trust us on that!